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These stripping knives are developed and HAND MADE specially for Groomer.dk, it's impossible to buy them anywhere else! 

ALL OUR KNIVES ARE HAND MADE and tested before shipping!

Velvet case for each knife included.
System is counting in Danish crones, by each product is written aprox. price in US$ and €, prices may be little different after actual exchange 

After many years in show rings with miniature schnauzers, we know what a stripping coat needs. Minies are not easy breed to groom, a lot of stripping work, a lot of undercoat, a lot of sculpturing. To achieve a perfect result you need perfect tools. 

Therefor we knew, we need a set of tools, which can do all. We need a good stripping knife for mixed coat, which will take both - top coat and part of the undercoat - there came our coarse one, we need pre-cleaning the underwool and strip for more details, there came our medium and than we needed a PERFECT wooling knife, which will take ALL, while new coat is comming. There came our little yellow, we had been testing and found out that the hidden secret of taking undercoat is not in sharpness of knife, but in the holes, which should catch it. This hand made tool will take your breath away ...




New collections of collars and leads.

12/06/2014 21:05
Special edition - SCHNAUZER MOTIVES Collars and leads! Soon, very soon our special collection is arriving   Martingale...


05/15/2014 18:55
New Danish style of stripping knives are on store! You will simply LOVE THEM! 

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